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I had the privilege of staying at Villa Bambou on 2 occasions in 2011. It was an experience that I will never forget! Monica was very welcoming and made me feel at home. The food was the best I have eaten. Staying at Villa Bambou was the highlight of my business trip to Haiti. After a 12 hour day, nothing felt better than a hot meal, followed by a hot shower and a comfortable bed in the Thyme room. The gardens on the property are beautiful with lovely views of Port-au-Prince. I will always stay here on my next visit to Haiti. My thanks to Monica, Andy and her team.

Amir Mohammed, Trinidad

A very special place, Villa Bambou offers exceptional service, privacy, comfort, and pleasure. We will be forever grateful to Monica and her outstanding staff for providing this wonderful escape from the rigors of life in Haiti.

Deb M., USA

Cheers to Monica and staff at the Inn for creating an elegant private retreat. Dining on the balcony was an intimate close to days in Haiti. It was a true delight to unwind by the pool with rum sours and take in the peace, quiet, and sun.

Dr. Jessica Murphy, US

The food, the amenities, the architecture, the staff, the location, the views, the gardens, the charming owners: everything is perfect.

Un endroit merveilleux.

Lambert Farand, Canada

sylvie loiselle, Canada

What a truly spectacular place. The amenities, service, and hospitality are all second to none. Our room was absolutely beautiful. Andy and Monica helped make this trip a truly majestic experience. I'll remember this trip for a long time, and I absolutely would stay at The Inn at Villa Bambou, on my next rip to Haiti. Thanks again to Andy, Monica, and their beautiful staff.

John R., U.S.A.

My stay at the Inn at Villa Bambou could not have been more enjoyable. The hosts were extremely welcoming, the food was great, the location was beautiful and inviting, and the amenities were top notch. If I am ever lucky enough to get back to Haiti, I will only stay at the Inn at Villa Bambou because of the positive experience that I had!

Tom Burr, Illinois, U.S.

Even though I have never stayed at Villa Bambou, I grew up on the property right next to it and I can say that the neighborhood is fantastic, close to everything without being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Port-au-Prince. I am familiar with the grounds and concur with other guests when they say that the view is amazing and the architecture is stunning. Do stay there if you get the chance, I know I will.

Nathalie King, Canada

Bravo! This place has everything! I enjoyed a friendly and attentive staff. The food is truly the best I have ever had in many travels to the West Indies. Simply outstanding in every way! Your stay here will be relaxing and a great bargain.

Charles Layman, United States

the place is amazing and so beautiful!!(:
i wish i could help Haiti with all their loss!

Dixie Gale, Alabama
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